To prepare and develop competent, innovative and farsighted teachers who can meet the requirement of global competitive world and contribute to academic excellence.
To provide value-based curriculum and dynamic academic environment for strengthening faith in humanistic, social and moral values as well as in Indian cultural heritage and democracy.
To create facilities for imparting quality education and grow into a centre of excellence in the field of teacher education.

To imbibe in our prospective teachers with Dedication, Diligence, sense of Discrimination and Dignity of teaching profession.

Aim and Objective
To develop reflective, critical and creative thinking among prospective teachers.
To develop inter-personal and social skills along with right attitude and self-motivation for continuous learning among prospective teachers.
To bring about physical, emotional, intellectual and ethical integration of student-teacher with a view of evolving a ‘Complete Teacher’ possessing the basic values of secularism, national integration and truthfulness.